Clients tell us they want savings without the commitment. We listened.

The Zero Gravity Massage Membership is a simple, month-month plan that includes 1 60 minute massage per month and any additional massages at a great rate. 

We are the 1st company to offer a Couples Massage Membership. 

COUPLES (click here to sign up)

$109/month including 1 60minute 2-person experience. Each additional 60minute 2-person experience is just $79

SOLO (click here to sign up)

$54/month includes 1 60minute Solo experience. Each additional 60minutes Solo experience is just $49

Exclusive Features:

  • Unused Massages roll-over
  • Massages can be gifted or donated
  • Even if you cancel or pause membership, you can continue to use your massages
  • It is just as easy to SELF CANCEL or PAUSE as it is to SELF SIGN-UP. 
  • Month-to-Month billing as a convenience. No ongoing commitment.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose the appropriate sign-up link above
  2. Choose month to month billing method and sign-up
  3. Book your INCLUDED massage on your city's page WITHOUT paying.
  4. Text us at 702-621-5829 to confirm your reservation will use your membership
  5. Once you use your INCLUDED massage, we will send you a special discount code for any additional appointments
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